5 Ways To Help Your Business Profile Retain Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has become quite popular among the business community. Many businesses from around the world are now on Instagram showcasing their brand in quite a unique way. From the cosmetic businesses to several Multi-National Corporations, all of them can be found under this amazing platform. This gives you all the more reason to give importance to your business’s Instagram Profile.

With the immense competition out there, you don’t want to give your followers a reason to hit that unfollow button. Even though fluctuations in the follower count are a normal thing that many business pages experience, there are ways you can stop it from happening too often.

It is important for a business page to be able to retain followers with strategic planning and multiple tactics because it is possible that you are not only losing a follower but also a potential customer.

One way to ensure that you always have an increasing number of followers on your business profile is with SocioTraffic’s help. You can buy Instagram followers monthly package from us, in which we deliver a particular amount of authentic followers to you within the given month. Plus, you never know, they could even become your customers in the future.

Along with that, you can employ several different tactics that will help you retain your current followers and help you keep the number constantly increasing.

Don’t Be All Business And Sales

When posting pictures or videos that involves any product or service you are offering, try not to divulge too much into descriptions. This shows that all you’re trying to do on Instagram is sell. Instead, focus on key benefits, how and when to use it, and other informational content as such. This kind of content will be well received by your followers and they will relate to it better.

Keep The Followers Involved

Find creative and interesting ways to involve your followers on your Instagram page. Some excellent ways to do this are using Instagram competitions, giveaways, etc. Your followers will both be interested and involved in this amazing opportunity to win some free goodies.

For example, if you run a coffee brand, you could ask people to share videos of their most memorable coffee experiences and hashtag your brand as they make a post on Instagram. This would help promote your brand among many people on Instagram, more so if the hashtag goes viral.

Reward Your Followers

Followers-only show loyalty to brands that offer something to them in return. When a follower supports a brand for a while without feeling recognized, they get disheartened. This is why you need to develop a program that rewards loyal customers once they reach a milestone you set.

Another easy and realistic way of rewarding your followers is by running special promotions and discounts. People tend to be drawn to anything that represents a steal, better known as a bargain. Plus, these promotions and discounts not only help improve your relationship with current customers but also help you gain new ones. This is mainly because there is a social buzz around such events, which in turn helps promote brands.

Make Your Followers Feel Relevant

It is extremely vital that your followers on Instagram feel like their voice is heard. They want their opinions to matter, just like any other human being. So, you can ensure that by making interacting with them as much as possible. Any engagement they show on your page, be it a direct message or a comment, should be replied to. Plus, you should try and consider their suggestions and complaints as much as you can, especially the recurring ones.

Use Hashtags To Attract New Followers

Hashtags play a key role in giving every post the headstart it needs. They can help your posts reach people who may be genuinely interested in your brand. This is only when you use the right hashtags that directly relate to your brand. Truly, hashtags are something every business should be using, not only to retain current followers but also to extend your brand’s reach beyond current followers. So, decide on a set of hashtags you should use on every post and add more related to the post. This way, you will reach out to as many people as you can on Instagram.

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