5 Ways To Use Your Instagram Account For Business Growth

Instagram account

Instagram is a powerful platform for marketing nowadays. The prime purpose seems to get the most out of business growth.

The biggest advantage is that the platform is easy to use, and you can also buy Instagram likes monthly that rank up your account. All you need to be creative and clever to keep the audience engaged.

Following are the easy tips to use your Instagram account to become a successful brand.

Take Part In Instagram Stories

Stories let you post a mix of photos and images in a single post that disappears after 24 hours. But their effects on your reach and engagement rates can last much longer. This can increase your chances of showing up in the explore section and help you gain new followers in the process.

Using stories can make your brand seem more real and approachable. Live stories are great for getting people’s attention because they’re happening right then. On the other hand, pre-recorded stories are great for giving in-depth information about your products, making quick promotions, or telling stories.

Don’t forget that 60% of Instagram stories are watched with the sound on, so make sure your audience has a good sound experience.


Add A Link To Your Instagram Stories.

Before, only verified Instagram users could put links in their stories, but now anyone can do it.

To add a link, you’ll need to upload your photo or video to Instagram as you did before. Then you tap the link icon at the top of the screen. Enter the link, do a quick preview to ensure everything looks good, and click “done.” Make sure your story has a call-to-action (CTA) so people know what they are swiping up for.

This may seem like a simple option, but it’s very important if you want to get more Instagram users to visit your website.


Use Your Other Social Media Accounts To Promote Your Business

You can also use the auto-post and cross-promotion tools on Instagram. Cross-promotional tools let you post instantly from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more, bringing together followers from all of your social networks.

Don’t cross-promote all of your Instagram posts on other social channels. If you do, you risk your content, meaning followers won’t need to visit your Instagram channel.


Put In CTAs Everywhere

Followers may love your Instagram ads, but use a strong Instagram call to action to make sure all that love goes somewhere.

CTAs can be added to your profile, photos, or captions, but using the official CTA buttons that Instagram makes available to businesses is the easiest way to increase interaction rates and push followers in a certain direction.

These show up below your post and are great for short CTAs like “Learn More” and “Call Now” that grab your followers’ attention. Go here to see the best examples of Instagram calls to action and to learn how to make them.


Follow Your Best-Performing Instagram Posts And Learn From Them

Learn the “formula” of content that will get more people to interact with you on Instagram. You can use this information to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. There are many ways to do this, such as finding the best hashtags and visual styles or figuring out when the best times are to post.


Final Words


You can find the best ways to run your own brand by keeping an eye on things like those mentioned above. Moreover, other strategies like social listening and buying Instagram video views will help you improve your marketing plan and increase engagement.

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