6 Proven Tricks to Expand Your Brand with Instagram Hashtags

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Instagram is becoming one of the biggest online markets, it’s only natural to make better use of its resources.

Purchasing Instagram followers packages from a reliable company and earning automatic likes and followers is one of the best ways to strengthen your brand’s identity. However, other strategies, like descriptions, tagging, stories, and hashtags, can help you build brand awareness and keep viewers interested in your content.

Hashtags were some of the first tools available to users when Instagram was created, and they are still essential for how much exposure your posts get. In order to use them correctly, you must learn how to utilize them properly.

Effective Strategies For Using Instagram Hashtags 

Following are the six most effective ways to use hashtags and increase interaction with your brand.

1.   Add Hashtags to Your Instagram Bio

Inserting hashtags in your posts is a proven way to increase engagement, regardless of what you’re trying to promote.

Hashtags on your profile make it more useful by allowing you to showcase sponsored material, promote your network, or announce campaigns.

No matter what your goal is, you can never go wrong by using hashtags in your bio. It’s cost-free advertising, allowing you to let your potential customers understand your brand better.

2.   Follow Hashtags

Many individuals miss out on the possible advantages of this tactic. Yes, you may follow hashtags in the same way you follow your preferred media sources, news networks, and media companies online.

Instagram allows users to subscribe to hashtag search results. Whenever you follow a hashtag, all of the tagged posts from the profiles you follow will show up on your newsfeed in addition to those that you do not follow. This strategy will help you keep track of hashtags related to your business or your community. However, it cannot ensure that every post will appear in your newsfeed, general hashtags should not be used as a substitute for branding hashtags.

3.   Add Hashtags in Your Stories to Appear On Explore Page

Multiple brands overlook the importance of adding hashtags to stories. It’s a great way to increase their reach and engagement. By adding hashtags to your Instagram story, you’re making it more likely that new people will see your post.

Popular hashtags highlight live and active stories, making it possible for others to find yours and, if they like what they see, they’ll follow you.

Either the text editor or the hashtag label can be used to do this task. As opposed to only one hashtag label being allowed per story, the text editor permits the usage of up to ten hashtags.

4.   Put Hashtags in Comments

Many profiles with large followings implement this little-known technique to build and maintain their reputation.

Because including more than 15-20 hashtags in the caption usually comes out as a bit excessive and unprofessional, so, keep your postings neat and orderly.

Always, choose to put your hashtags in the first comment instead of the caption, by doing this you can let both the functions do their task without conflicting with each other.

5.  Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Don’t disregard the use of hashtags on stories, although they do vanish after 24 hours. These are yet another simple method of attracting more potential followers and appear in the search results as well.

If there are too many relevant hashtags you wish to use in your story, you can hide some of them to make it look less crowded. Enter your text as usual, then cover it up with a gif or stickers.

6.   Look for the Best Hashtags for Your Brand

Finding the perfect hashtags for your brand is possible in several ways. Finding out which hashtags are being used by the influencers and brands you already follow is the first and simplest step. Another option is to start coming up with ideas and then put them into the Instagram search feature. Relevant hashtags will appear as you write.

For instance: using the hashtag #drink for your post could generate more spam submissions than you intend because it is so widely used. Instead, browse down the results to get niche-oriented results that are more focused.

Final Thoughts

These are six simple-to-use tips and tricks that the majority of Instagram users are unaware of. You will be pleasantly astonished by the outcomes of using Instagram hashtags correctly.

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