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Creating Shareable Content: Techniques To Encourage Viewers To Spread The Word

With the rising competition in every field, creating shareable content is harder than it has ever been before. Almost every other social media platform has changed its algorithms, which has reduced the reach for average content. Many research studies have shown that the usage across many networks has seen a slow slide downward year after year. And there’s more competition that is adding to it every other day.

To compete with others, creating interesting and engaging content is important.

In this blog, we will share some techniques to create shareable content to encourage viewers to engage with your content and share it!

Techniques For Creating Highly Shareable Content

Doing Competitive Research

The easy way to create content that people will share with each other is to look at what’s in the trends and what is getting shared right now

So, you need to do some research on your own. Look at your competitors, what they are doing, and how their audience is engaging with them. It is a great way to find out about the insights on the content your audience wants to see.

Making A List Of Competitors:

You should make a list of your competitors and what social media channels that they are on. Check where competitors are online, and if you are on the same channels, then it means that you have direct competition with them.

Taking A Look At The Content:

Have a look at the content your competitors have published in the last six months. This is how you will be able to know what kind of content will work for your audience. The content can involve blog posts, videos, or some other kind of content. Keep scrolling through the pages and keep checking.

Take Inspiration From Their High Engagement Content:

By looking at what they are doing and how their audience is reacting, you can take those practices and make them your own. Take some inspiration and make it 10x better to hook your audience.

Telling A Story With Your Content:

Moving on to the next, make sure that your content conveys a story. You must be wondering why storytelling is important in creating shareable content. It is because this will allow the audience to put themselves in the given situation, and it will make it more relatable to them in their day-to-day experience.

So, let’s put the work into it. How can you make your content tell a story to the audience? You have to craft the content so it has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The ending has to answer the question.

You would have to map out each piece of content that you have created. Read about it below:

  • The problem that your audience is experiencing
  • A solution that your product or company is providing
  • A story will take your audience from one point to the ending point. Think about adding the steps for a consumer to begin with a problem and end it with a solution.

Validating Your Audience’s Opinions:

Another great way to create shareable content is by approving your audience’s opinions. Content which focuses on the opinions your audience holds is convenient to share because now they have proof from a reliable source that their opinions are accurate.

For that, how can you create that type of content? Firstly, you need to think about your audience. Like, what do they like and believe in? And how to bring that information to the table?

Think about the demographic and what they are interested in. Do people in your industry care about it? Do they have a different opinion? Or, what are some of the opinions that you have already posted about? Did your audience have a positive reaction toward what you have published? If they have a certain feeling about something, then you can probably guess they have a certain belief.

Appealing To Your Audience’s Values:

Another great way to interact and connect with your audience is you should create content that will revolve around their values. Your audience has to know that the values of your company or product align with theirs. Connecting the values to your content is one way of showing that you care about your audience.

When creating content, your content should portray your set of values, whether social, political, or ethical. This allows for the formation of a community of like-minded individuals that share the same beliefs. It encourages your audience to share your content with others in their network.

One way of figuring out the values of your audience is to look at what content you have posted in the past. What values have you discussed before which engage your audience and make a connection with them? You need to make posts that will meet your company’s values and your audience’s values.

Making Your Content Useful:

In order to get shares from everyone, you need to make your content useful to your audience. New York Times conducted research that showed that 90% of users would assess the usefulness of the content before sharing it with their friends and family.

So, now the real question comes in, how do you make sure that the content you are working on is useful to your audience? First things first, you need to think about the question or problem that your content is addressing. Your content has to provide step-by-step information for solving the problem or answering the question.

Capitalizing On Trending Topics:

If you are struggling to come up with content for your brand or company, take inspiration from trending topics. There are many sources of information, trends, and more that are always changing, and this can give you endless ideas for the content.

You can always create topics around trends. Google Trends is your friend for this. Just do a quick search, and you will find all the trending topics for that day and check if any of them will be fitting into a potential content idea.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you will take these techniques and tips into consideration while creating the content. It will encourage your viewers to share it with their friends or family. Make sure that you are putting your efforts in order to bring the best out of your skills and create outstanding shareable content for your audience.

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