Know The Ideal Length Of YouTube And Instagram Videos

In the past, loading videos was a difficult job. Now, the networks’ speed is fast, letting the user consume audiovisual content anywhere and at any time. And speedy loading is a great promise of Digital Marketing today.

You should know the fact that videos, whether on YouTube or Instagram, accounted for 80% of all internet traffic in 2021. And this trend will continue in 2022.

Here, you will learn about the best extension of the videos on two known social media platforms, YouTube and Instagram. You can grab the attention of your audience through your videos. Check it right now!

Why is it crucial to keep in mind the video length?

Before discussing this, it is necessary to shed light on the reasons leading you to have such deep concern about the video length.

It may seem obvious, but many are unaware of how much this element matters to the audience.

Retention rate is the first point. If you buy YouTube views and likes, for example, but afterward, retaining your audience through exciting videos is a ‘must’.

It represents how many people watch your video content until you finish. If passing a message to users is your intention, then it is a crucial metric to follow.

There are two other factors in addition to this.

Another indicator is the attraction that shows how important the videos’ duration is.

Depending on the video topic and the audience, investing in shorter or longer videos is necessary. This way, you can ensure the user convenience.

You should know ​​the strength of mobility, as more than half of the YouTube videos are viewed through smart mobile devices.

And a fact is that the mobile internet has become a valuable resource. Therefore, your video length must be adapted to the reality of your audience.

What is the ideal video length on YouTube and Instagram?

Now, look at the following proposal to exercise.

By putting yourself in the user’s shoes, you will ask yourself: “Finally, how long do you want to watch videos?”

Complicated answer, do you think? In the end, everything will hinge on the interest level, what the moment is, device, need, and there it goes.

It means many elements exist that influence the consumer consumption decision.

Therefore, it is important to be clear that no rigid rule on the video length that you should follow.

Remember that adapting to the business objectives and the strategy is essential.

Statistics by HubSpot reveal that short videos (less than 90sec) have a retention rate of 57%, and the rate is 10% for those with more than 30 minutes.

A video explaining how your product works may bring fewer views, but it will lead to more sales, for example.

The importance of the format is also much more. You have several options available, including testimonial, demonstrative, fun, promotional, explanatory, and so on.

In addition, it is also necessary to be clear about the subject, as this aspect has a great influence on the stay time of users.

Nevertheless, you can find various investigations that make the entrepreneurs’ work easier, specifying an average duration that brings your desired results for each of the main web tools available.

Look at these numbers by focusing on YouTube and Instagram:


  • 15 minutes is possible length
  • 10 minutes is ideal duration
  • YouTube videos win twice as much engagement as images/photos on any other social media platform

One of the most loved applications, YouTube has high engagement rates.

The significant differential of YouTube is that, unlike other media, the focus is on the content. Thanks to that, forwarding and scrolling are faster than in any other social network.

In other words, the content consumption on YouTube is fast. That means your videos should be concise, with 10 minutes on average.

Here, it is worth betting on interactions, that is, informative, funny, and noticeable videos that attract users to a greater extent.

Otherwise, it will keep scrolling without paying much attention to your content.


  • Up to 15 seconds is possible length
  • 15 seconds is ideal duration
  • Curiosity is 35%, showing Instagram users see and create videos in Instagram Stories

‘Stories’ is one of the resources implemented after the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook. It is a replica of the format that received much fame on Snapchat.

The maximum and the ideal size are the same in this model. By themselves, they are concise and generate a strong commitment from users.

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