Mastering TikTok Trends: How to Create Videos That Garner More Likes

TikTok has abruptly taken over most social media platforms, becoming one of the most widely used mediums for entertainment. Its innovative dancing and lip-syncing feature distinguishes it from other podiums, making it an extensively acknowledged platform. Seeing so much public attention, even brands use TikTok to extend their reach, enhance engagement and develop an online community.

Why Should Your Brand Have A Presence On TikTok?

With so many platforms already available on the internet, why bother using any new platform from scratch? Research reveals that TikTok’s impact on people is unparalleled by any other application. TikTok being the third most popular social media channel, further demonstrates that people are likely to buy items they see being advertised on TikTok. Another reason is that this medium provides brands with an opportunity to reach a wider audience compared to other platforms. In addition, the influencer market on TikTok is huge, unlike other applications, making reaching a wider group of people easier.

Tips On Creating Videos That Increase Likes And Engagement

If you’re also running your business and need tactics to garner more likes and followers on this social networking site, hang on with us. This blog will provide comprehensive techniques to use  and increase followers by obtaining maximum likes.

1.   Add Some Drama To Be In the Limelight 

In 2023, there have come many TikTok trends that instantly grab viewers’ sight, sticking to their screens. However, there’s one thing in common with them: the first few seconds of the video/reel.

If you are an avid TikTok user, you can notice yourself  the first few seconds of your TikTok reels and videos can determine whether the public is going to like it or not. To seize their attention at first glance, you can show something drastic, pose a thought-provoking question, or say something absurdly unique to make the best out of those ‘striking’ few seconds. Remember the goal: to hook viewers to the video by building curiosity.

2.   Make The Best of TikTok’s Carousel Feature with Emphasis on First Picture

Use TikTok’s carousel feature to post multiple photos or videos in a single post to get likes. This feature allows you to depict your content’s different angles, moments, or perspectives. Carousel posts also offer a dynamic viewing experience, keeps viewers engaged, and increase the probability of higher view counts.

In carousel posts, one must remember that the first photo is synonymous with capturing attention and identifying whether viewers will swipe or keep on watching. For this purpose, you can choose a visually catching or intriguing image as the first photo. It could be you or any stunning view or an image that could trigger a person’s curiosity.

3.   Share What’s On Your Mind

Sharing pictures of yourself or someone or something you love is different, but writing about them is another story. People mostly like those posts they feel connected and related to, which is only possible if you start writing them down in plain human language.

For this, you can incorporate the text on the screen to enhance your TikTok videos simply by providing context, addressing and delivering key messages, or writing something in the form of storytelling. Here’s the key: Keep the text clear, concise, and visually engaging. Try out your captions with different fonts, colors, and animations to make them visually aesthetic and captivating to attract the audience.

4.   Make The Best Out Of Hashtags

We all know the importance of hashtags. It steers your content to the right group of individuals. Although some people don’t find any significance in using hashtags, if you want to tailor your content to a specific group of people, using relevant hashtags is the secret.

If your purpose is to target a wider reach of viewers, it’s okay not to use heaps of hashtags but rather stick to the relevant ones that align with your video. The more relevant your hashtags, the more people they will reach; thus, the more an impact they will make.

5.   Keep Your Audience Guessing

Another tactic in mastering TikTok trends to garner more likes is to keep viewers engaged through various visuals. You can play with the camera and change angles to spark the audience’s interest, alternate between close-ups, or even utilize wider shots. Besides, you can infuse different visuals every 2 or 3 seconds. Implementing this strategy will help prevent monotonous content and create a visually stimulating experience that keeps viewers interested and keen to continue watching.

6.   Stick To The Point

Ideally, the optimal length for videos is 21-34 seconds. It means you should keep your video content short in order to obtain maximum likes. Sticking to an average of 30-second video content for maximum outcomes is imperative to successful customer engagement.

7.   Use Popular TikTok Trends

If you are willing for your business to garner likes from TikTok, pay close attention to the viral and on-trend video and audio clips and challenges. Take advantage of these and make it relevant to your business to attract viewers.

8.   Work With Influencers

The most widely used method to get the public eye for some likes is this: working with influencers. There are hundreds of influencers and content creators on TikTok that partner with brands to create entertaining, interactive video content that spreads the word about novel brands and provides brands with user-generated content to share on their social media sites for customer engagement.

The Wrap Up

The world is evolving like crazy, especially with the digital marketing industry; the revolution is ridiculously insane. Social networking apps, including TikTok, have emerged as a powerful medium for businesses to promote their venture, employing creativity and connecting with their target audience.

Mastering TikTok trends is not a piece of cake, and nothing comes to the plate by itself. In order for your brand to stand out in this competitive medium, you must manifest patience, stay active, experiment with different methodologies, and unceasingly analyze your performance to improve your content strategy.

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