Top 3 ways to craft a UVP for your Instagram page

Having a great idea is not enough, it is important to know what your idea is going to do for your target audience. In other words, how exactly will it benefit them? 

Is your idea going to be so good that it fills up pain areas for customers? 

Instagram is used by influencers and businesses alike. The one thing these two have in common is the word ‘niche’ 

Without identifying your desired niche, it probably won’t work out. You need to place your idea within a niche and then further figure out what it offers your audience. To figure out a UVP for your instagram page, you need to know how the algorithm works on the platforms, as UVPs are platform dependent, and will need to be designed according to the platform you’re going to be active at.

Here are some ways to craft out a good UVP for your instagram page:

1. Analyze instagram as a platform

Every social media platform is different. Instagram is a photo sharing platform and it exists mainly so millions of users around the world can come together on one platform and share what they want through pictures and videos. 

Instagram in particular is famous for the fact that it is a photo sharing platform unlike Facebook or twitter which also involve sharing pictures but Facebook is a platform that at one time, one may approach to make friends and twitter, to get latest updates on various topics across the world.

One of the major benefits of communicating your niche through instagram is that you can actually sell your products or services. You can market another brand’s product or services through your page and what’s more – Instagram is a social media app that is used more than any other social media app ever made. 

Now that you have revised the above into your mind all over again, your goal is to lay emphasis on the above by utilizing it to communicate your own page with your customers – post content that focuses on the platform’s nature, its algorithm in order to gain the engagement that you should be getting on your posts.


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2. Identify your audience

The first thing, that is only secondary to deciding your niche, is having your targeted audience in mind. This is very important if you want to place value within your idea and what product/ services it is going to be focusing on. 

Having a rough idea of your audience means already knowing what kind of social class, income groups or personalities you are going to be targeting, but once you start posting and your followers start engaging on your content, here’s how you can further fine tune your target audience: 

  • Instagram analytics
  • Posts that get the most likes
  • Video content performance
  • Follower feedback on Instagram Live

The above points play a huge part in showing you the number of followers interacting on each post, at what time periods your content is viewed, commented on, and shared.  

3. A formula to keep in mind

There is no right or wrong way to offer a unique value proposition on your particular product/ service that you are offering

Picture + caption + hashtags + tags = your unique value proposition 

This formula is to be kept in mind every time you post content on instagram. The picture that you post on instagram should not be posted for the heck of it, make sure you have a goal in mind every time you post one, as well as, communicate your UVP in each post of yours, everything follows smoothly afterwards. 

Since Instagram is a photo sharing platform, it is important to have visuals that are catchy, dynamic, and tell a story without the need of words which does not let your audience forget why you created this page in the first place. 


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