4 Tips That Will Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

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When you start out as an Instagram influencer, you are told repeatedly about how you should more or less follow what other successful influencers are doing. While that advice is enough to begin your journey as an influencer, it soon backfires when all the content on Instagram starts to look the same. Instagram users don’t want to follow the same kind of pages, except they look for something that stands out.

In order to gain traction on your Instagram profile, there is are many businesses that offer organic followers and likes, similar to what we do at Socio Traffic. We redirect Instagram users to your profile by employing a few marketing techniques. We have different packages suited for every need. So if you buy 100 Instagram likes, you get that particular number of likes on the post you choose. 

Even though we assist you in reaching out to followers, it is primarily your job to create engaging content so that your followers can remain dedicated to you. So it is important that your photo posts on Instagram are unique and exciting. You can do that by shifting your focus from aesthetics to advanced mobile phone photography, researching your competitor (to come up with better ideas), and also your target audience.

If you are having trouble marketing yourself on Instagram, we have a few tips that might help you out. You can make your Instagram feed look flawless and gain traction by practicing these simple tips.

Make Your Followers Feel Welcome

Once we get the users to visit your profile, you need to make them feel welcomed. One primary way people tend to feel welcomed is when they feel happy visiting your profile. So post photos that engage a happy response. You can do that by posting photos that are all smiles and make the viewer smile as well. The thing with smiles is that they are an extremely positive feeling, makes people feel good, and invites them in. 

According to surveys, photos with smiles in them are more likely to be liked, so why not boost your chances of gaining followers and likes? Make sure you have at least a couple of photos that feature smiling faces on your Instagram feed. Also, choose to promote the same photos for in-app promotions. 

Keep The Composition In Mind

Now featuring smiling photos does not mean that you just take smiling selfies and post them. This can result in your feed looking too packed or cramped because your face ends up taking up all the space in the photo, which doesn’t look appealing as a whole on the feed.

Negative space is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can make your feed easy on the user’s eye. For example, if you take a picture of a duck swimming in an empty pond, the pond is the negative space. Photo composition and negative space only sound scarier in theory. All you have to do is contrast some photos taken from a distance and mix them up with the closeups and selfies.

Plan Your Feed

When we redirect Instagram users to your profile, the feed layout is the first thing they notice. It works in your favor to have a well-planned feed. You need to make your feed look appealing by posting different kinds of photos, not just your own. The main question is: how does your Instagram feed look as a whole? 

There are tons of social media management and Instagram planning tools you can use to ensure that your feed represents your purpose and looks inviting at the same time. This will make sure that the users who visit your profile with our help actually end up following you rather than skipping ahead. 

Make Your Photos Scroll-Stopping Worthy

 Instagram users now not only look for beautiful and engaging content but also something unconventional. Something that makes them stop scrolling and take a second look. You can do this by, first, going through your feed and analyzing the content you usually see. Then you would want to think outside the box by coming up with something different and unique that doesn’t necessarily fit in with those photos. This will allow you to retain your current followers and attract new users, the ones we redirected to your feed.

From unconventional graphic and shocking colors to catchy blocks of text, there is no end to photos that would make an average user pause and observe. An excellent example of this would be a photo that displays your artistic capabilities as an influencer mixed with something you feel passionate about. Even something that is heart-warming in an unconventional way would make for an amazing Instagram post.

By applying these tips in your Instagram photos, there is no reason why you can’t be one of the top influencers on there. 

Although if you need some help reaching there, Socio Traffic is here for you. You can buy Instagram likes and followers from us at a very reasonable price. We assure you of the traffic you require on your social media profile within 48 hours.

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