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How To Jumpstart IGTV Marketing For Your Brand?

Not too long ago, Instagram was used just to upload pictures and put catchy captions beneath them. However, now an Instagrammer is flooded with various format options like Stories, Live, Reels, and IGTV. Although this has undoubtedly made the platform more fun, it has also posed an incredible challenge for Instagram marketers.

If you are an entrepreneur hoping to expand your business by looking to buy automatic Instagram likes monthly cheap, you might be having trouble figuring out which format to invest in? 

First off, you need to understand what makes each format distinct from one another and how they can benefit your business. We have dedicated this blog to IGTV, so read on if you want to make it a part of your social media marketing strategy!

An Overview Of IGTV

To put it simply, IGTV is the short form of Instagram TV, and it enables Instagrammers to create and post long-video content. You can either download a separate app for IGTV or use your Instagram account to view other’s IGTV. 

Unlike Instagram reels that have a 10 seconds limit, IGTV can enable you to create video content for up to ten minutes. Not to mention, it supports vertical and horizontal video formats at the same time.IGTV has become so popular that social media users are now putting it parallel to YouTube! 

Can IGTV Benefit Your Business? 

Ever since TikTok has risen to unexpected heights, marketers have realized the importance of short video content. If you long to increase your Instagram followers in the USA, we suggest you invest in IGTV and create strong video content for your Instagram following. 

Here are a few factors that can help you with your IGTV: 

  • Interactive brand personality 
  • Creative DIYs and educational content 
  • Visually pleasing products 

So, if you believe your brand has IGTV-appropriate content, it is time to get down to business!

How To Use IGTV For Your Brand Marketing?

Brands use various IGTV strategies to grow their reach. We suggest you take inspiration from renowned brands. To help you figure it out, take a look at the list down below:

  • BBC News uses IGTv for the video trailer of their top news stories 
  • Tarte Cosmetics uses the format to educate aspiring make-up artists through #how to videos.
  • Levi’s hosts relevant and hot cultural dialogues to boost their followings.

Here is what you can do with IGTV:

  • Collaborate with other content creators 
  • Educate prospective customers regarding your products and services 
  • Highlight product launches

Keep these points in mind, and you will create a diverse range of IGTVs and generate engagement among your clientele.

Tips for creating effective IGTV content 

For best IGTV results, here is a list of things worth remembering:

Be Consistent With Your Uploads 

Like all social media platforms, IGTV demands you to be consistent. Now, this does not mean that you should bombard your followers with one video after another. 

Instead, you should make a solid posting schedule and stick to it.

For instance, if you feel like talking about relationships, wait for the days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day and so on. 

To make your videos appear visually consistent, try the option of “Add to Series.”  Furthermore, we recommend you create templates for the cover images, intros and calls-to-action. Whatever you upload, make sure it is blending with your brand image. 

Share Original Content 

Although you can find inspiration in other brands, it is ultimately your IGTV content, and so it must reflect your brand’s personality. Recent research revealed that 90% choose or support brands that seem authentic. 

Hence, before you learn how to make your IGTV post, make sure to revisit your brand and follow its guidelines. Also, ask yourself what kind of content can best highlight your brand. 

Try Adding CTA Links In The Description

You must have come across IGTV videos that include external URLs in the description section. This is a smart way to drive more traffic and sales conversions. By applying the same strategy, you can link up your IGTV with your Instagram story. 

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Irrespective of how great content you are generating on IGTV, Instagram story or any other format of the app, you cannot increase the popularity and credibility of your brand unless you have amassed significant followers. 

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