How to make your Videos Conspicuous in YouTube Search Results

Want to stand out in YouTube search results? Here are 3 tips that might just do the trick:

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  1. Video Metadata
    Metadata consists of the title of your video, tags, description, thumbnails and caption. Make sure that you get it right. Choose a captivating title that best describes your video content, keeping in mind what the viewers actually want to watch. Include pertinent keywords in your title. Make sure it’s less than 100 words or users will lose interest. It’s crucial to add video tags since not just people, but search engine and bots use those words to search for videos.
  2. Engage with Users
    Create videos that meet the needs of your targeted audience. Entertain them with your videos to increase engagement. Keep them hooked. For approximately the first 15 seconds give a compelling introduction whilst stating the value that viewers will acquire after watching the video. Create touching and descriptive thumbnails. Encourage viewers to comment and share your videos.

  3. Transcribe your Video
    It can be beneficial for you in a number of ways. Getting your video transcribed will help get you a lot of SEO benefits. It will help increase the visibility of your video and display better ranking on search engines. Transcripts will also give better UX for your viewers and help search for a video using a keyword or topic. It helps people who are near deaf and deaf to better understand your video content. People watching in a rowdy environment can read the transcript in order to understand its content. Last of all, it also helps non-native English speakers to fully comprehend the content of the video.

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