How to Improve your YouTube Watch Time

YouTube being the largest, ever-growing marketing platforms has made it pretty difficult for its users to generate organic views and engagement. Due to the vast number of content being uploaded every minute. Previously, YouTube content was judged on the basis of video views. Now, however it is sorely based on the amount of time each user spends watching a particular video. YouTube knows if the video has been watched by the same individual in full. Thus, you cannot trick or manipulate YouTube’s watch time. To generate organic views you can buy YouTube Video Views here.

Suffice it to say, your content is deemed high quality if YouTube sees a large number of people who continue to watch your video. Here are a few ways to improve your video watch time:

Clickable Timestamps

Clickable timestamps make it easier for viewers to see the part they’re most interested in. You can create a list of clickable timestamps in the description below your video as well as in comments. Not only is it helpful for viewers, but content creators too. Since this way, people will be able to dive right into the video to parts they like rather than skipping it in-between; increasing video views as well as YouTube watch time.


Sort your videos in YouTube playlists that relate to your content. Creating a playlist with podcast’s name helps rank higher in YouTube as well as Google search results. YouTube automatically plays all the videos in the playlist thus, increasing watch time as well as video views.

YouTube Premier

YouTube now gives you an option to schedule your video ahead of time. With YouTube premier you can give a glimpse to your viewers of your next topic. Make use of perfect hashtags and promote your YouTube premier all over social media.

You can also purchase YouTube Custom Comments.

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