Some Amazing Instagram Contest Ideas You Must Try

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A decade ago, Facebook was in the limelight for online social media games, but it has become jaded over time. Initially, Instagram was excluded as it wasn’t easy to access. With time, marketers understood its dynamics and are gaining tremendous popularity. Instagram is now the best online platform for social media contests and can be used for great engagement. 

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If you prefer an organic approach, here are some contest ideas you can try. These are guaranteed to boost your engagement and perhaps even increase your followers dramatically.

Double-Tap to Win

Everyone who uses Instagram knows that double-tapping on a photo gets the photo a like. So, when you post a picture, you need not necessarily be overly specific and say, “like this picture to win.” A better way would be posting a picture and simply asking your followers to double-tap and win.

The main idea behind this contest is to post a picture that describes the whole situation. For instance, you can post a photo of your product in a way that shows relevance to an upcoming holiday, such as fireworks surrounding your product for the 4th of July or Christmas decorations for near Christmas. Here, the picture would be self-explanatory, and you wouldn’t need much text.

All you need to do is caption it “double-tap to win” and maybe put details of the product the winners will get. You should also put down the rules for the contest and the method you will use to pick a winner. The ideal way is to choose a random winner, and once the contest is over, you can mention them to announce the winner. While you’re at it, make sure you include related hashtags to help with the traction.

Tag And Grab

This is a fantastic idea for a contest because if it expands, it has the potential to get tons of entries. All you need to do is offer a product up for grabs and ask the users to tag their friends and ask them to like the post. You can also add a condition where all the people entering the contest and mentioned people must be following your account. This will be great for your marketing and boost engagement along with your followers.

If you’re offering a good price, the tagged friends will also enter, and then their friends will enter, and the chain will continue. Without putting much effort, you will notice a considerable spike in your followers and engagement.

Post A Selfie

Here’s a great variation of the regular selfie contest. What you can do is instead of asking your followers to submit their picture with your product, be more precise about the scenario. Ask them to take a photo in a cafe or at the beach, whatever scenario is most well-suited for your product. People are more creative than you’d think, and you are guaranteed to get some innovative entries.

Our advice is that you should make sure to never ask for anything dangerous. Over the years, many people have gotten severely injured while creating content in risky situations. You don’t want such liability over your shoulders. Keep the competition fun and light.

This contest is ideal for the companies that have a particular scenario surrounding their product. For example, if you have a software company, this contest is of no use to you. However, if you make fitness gear or sports goods, this contest would be a phenomenal way to market your product. You can post the entries on your page, and the contestants will surely ask their friends and family to engage. This way, you get a lot of reach without putting in much effort.

With that said, if you have a business that needs a better social media presence, try these contest ideas to boost your engagement. You can also buy Instagram likes and followers from us for your growth. 

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