How to Get More Likes on A Facebook Photo: 3 Simple Tips

It’s a well-established fact that imagery is far better for reach on Facebook as compared to text. The EdgeRank algorithm works in a way that ensures a higher priority to images. As a result, pictures come up more often on users’ newsfeeds rather than plain text. 

People aiming for a wider reach prefer to attach images with their captions. Even with the EdgeRank algorithm prioritizing photos, it doesn’t promise a magnificent reach. Less reach leads to a lesser number of interactions, thereby decreasing your popularity. So how do you fix it? 

At SocioTraffic, we are the pros when it comes to advise on getting the maximum number of likes on your Facebook photos. We have compiled an easy guide to help you boost your likes and increase your reach. You can also buy Facebook likes from us as an easy way to get more reach.

High-Quality Photos

All of us can agree that it’s always quality over quantity. The same rule applies to Facebook photos. If you post multiple pictures in a day, but all of them lack standard quality, it’s not going to do you any good. The number one tried and tested way to get more likes is to post good quality photos. Quality will attract a lot of people, and the better the content, the more the engagement. 

You might have seen big pages posting substandard photos and still getting good reach, which can be pretty demoralizing. However, the thing is that they have an established social media presence. They have a significant number of followers, which contributes to their greater reach. 

Now that the competition is so fierce, it’s impossible to make your mark with substandard content. If you want to build a reputation, you must invest in creating noticeable content with premium quality photographs. We advise you to learn elementary photo editing and competition. Get familiarized with the basic concepts of making quality content. With the right set of guidance, you will learn to create unique content in no time with a guaranteed increase in reach.

Like/Share Battles

The idea behind Facebook’s algorithm is simple: the more interaction you have on your page, the more they will see your posts, ultimately contributing to a greater reach. The lesser they engage, the lesser posts they will see. Hence, if you want people to engage in your posts, you need to develop innovative ideas for posts that will attract Facebook users to engage. 

If you can get your audience to engage in your posts, they will get more of your content on their newsfeed. Here’s a fun idea that you can incorporate in your posts. People tend to respond to things that they can relate to on a personal level. Posting this or that content is guaranteed to get you to reach. 

For instance, during a football tournament, post a photo of two favorite teams with a caption asking your followers to like for Team A and share for Team B. sports enthusiasts consider it their responsibility to support their favorite team, so they will surely respond to your post. The choices for these types of posts are infinite. You can do cake or pie, chocolate or brownies, beach or mountains, and so much more! Sit back and relax while you watch your engagement skyrocket with minimal effort.

Text On Images

Facebook has a rule that when posting photos and running ads on them, you can’t add too much text on images. However, no such rule applies to organic posts, and you can add as much text as you want. 

What you can do is come up with motivational saying, inspirational quotes, and other catchy text ideas to put on top of your photos. If you feel like it, you can also come with specialized themes. Motivational quotes on nature photos, science facts on nebulous, fitness reminders on your favorite athletes, and movie facts on top of screenshots!

Text on images can promise to enhance the viability of posts. If you post a picture and add a caption separately, most people won’t read it. However, adding a description right on top of photos significantly increases the chances of attracting people and getting noticed. If they like what they read, they might even like, share, or tag a friend!

With that said, increasing your reach is not rocket science. Using the right tactics and an innovative approach is bound to boost your reach, making your page more noticeable. These tips from our experts at SocioTraffic will surely be helpful for you. If you want to buy likes on a Facebook photo, you know where to find us!

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