Facebook Dating, How it Works

Facebook has come up with an online dating service that may just crush other dating apps. Facebook has made it easier for its users to find love with people that share their interests. Roughly 200 million singles use Facebook that may benefit from this digital dating product.

How it works?

As soon as Facebook Dating is available in your area you will be able to use it by simply getting access to Dating from among the menu list on your home page. Upon clicking, it will lead you to your dating home from where you will be able to create a separate dating profile which will be hidden from your Facebook friends.

Facebook Dating Profile Privacy

People who have opted for Facebook Dating will be able to view your dating profile. However, your Facebook friends will not be able to view your dating profile. Nor will they or the people you’ve blocked will be suggested as a possible match for you.

If you want friend of friends to be suggested as possible matches for you all you will have to do is toggle the feature on/off in the privacy settings. Moreover, you can also preemptively exclude people that you know from ever seeing your dating profile from the blocking menu in Settings.

Facebook has also disabled screenshots past the registration page. When someone views your dating profile, they will only be able to see the basic information you’ve provided like, your photo, first name, age and city. Your education, work, and other personal information will be visible to others if only you allow.

How to Create your Facebook Dating Profile?

Facebook Dating Profile is created in the same manner as any other dating app like Tinder, following the same general process. Select your gender and that of the people you want to be matched with. You will also be asked to confirm your dating location. Write a bio for your Facebook Dating profile within 500 characters. Focus on your qualities that would be appealing to others, compelling them to engage and spend time with you.

Facebook will also let you answer questions through 12 different profile tiles. Each tile will either consist of a photo or a typed in answer for those questions.

How to get Dates?

Open your Facebook Dating home page, there you will see 3 different options from where you can find your potential match.

  1. Suggested For You
    People who meet your preferences, you’ll find them under “Suggested for you.”
  2. “Liked” You
    The profiles you’ve liked with the heart icon, you’ll find them under “Liked” you.
  3. Groups/Events
    People who are a part of the same group/event that you’re interested in, you’ll find their profiles under “Groups/events” section.

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