How to create Facebook Ad Copy

Every ad needs a story alongside the image and words serve as the most powerful tool. If used wisely, you can change one’s mind, make them see things in a different light. Thus, create an image that captures the viewers’ attention with a caption that might stop them from scrolling any further. Write an enthralling story, one that connects or relates with the people, compelling them to buy.
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Brand awareness is the first step in marketing. For every ad campaign first you need to spread awareness regarding your product and its importance. What it consists of and how it’s beneficial to the consumer.


Step two, make them consider your brand above all else. After successfully increasing brand awareness give your potential customers reasons to engage with your brand and buy your products.


After increasing awareness and persuading them to consider your brand your next step is to draw attention to the benefits of your product to make a sale. Be honest with your consumers regarding the products, share previous user reviews with new customers so as to them proof regarding your services.

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