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Facebook is now one of the most used social media apps all across the globe. People of all ages, genders, demographics, interests, and social backgrounds are fans of Facebook alike. This app has proved to be one of the best ways for businesses to thrive. If the marketing is done right, Facebook is a fantastic tool that can help you attract a larger audience and boost your sales. 

At SocioTraffic, we are the experts of social media. We have a lot of tips and tricks that can help you increase your engagement rate and attract a greater audience. You can also buy Facebook likes from us for an easy way to increase engagement. If you are more inclined towards organic growth, we have got you covered on that front as well. Follow these tips and notice a tremendous engagement rise in your photos.

Understand the Algorithm

Facebook runs on the EdgeRank algorithm. Its key element is that the factor determining how often your posts appear on a user’s news feed is the recency of the post. For instance, how long ago it was posted, how long ago it got the most recent engagement, etc., an older post would require more continuous engagement to stay alive. Generally,  newer posts tend to carry more engagement and reach.

You can run your own little experiment to observe how the algorithm works. Try posting at midnight for a couple of weeks, and you will notice how surprisingly less engagement you get compared to peak hours.

There are a lot of studies telling the users about the best times to post on Facebook. You can take a look at them and decide the ideal time according to your location but take it with a grain of salt. For a peculiar audience, their peak hours might be different. For instance, consider a gaming community; their peak hours would greatly vary compared to non-gamers.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Asking questions is a remarkable way of keeping your audience engaged. You can do this in two ways. Make your questions relevant to your business, like ask them about their favorite products, what more products they would like you to add, etc. Another approach is to ask them general questions just to get to know them. You can ask them their favorite flower, a hobby, favorite celebrity, favorite food, etc. Will this be helpful to your business? Probably not. However, it’s sure to get you s excellent engagement. Greater the engagement, the greater the reach, which has always been the goal in the first place! 

Similarly, asking the relevant questions can include asking the audience to help you out. Pick a product and ask them to point out the flaws they see in it. This is an excellent way of keeping the followers engaged, and you will also get tons of free advice. People can be really critical, and some of the advice you get will surely be helpful. In this way, you will conduct crowd-sourcing market research without putting in much effort. 

Similarly, asking for suggestions is also a great idea. If you have a line of bags, you can ask what new colors or styles they want to see in your collection. Anything that you think is appropriate to ask, ask it. There will be more people willing to answer than you can imagine.

Socially Relevant Images

If there were a double-edged sword in the social media world, posting socially relevant images would be it. Hence, you must use it sparingly and only if you know your audience really well. Social issues can be pretty divisive and can create heated arguments. Sure it would be great for your reach, but you don’t want shots fired on your posts, making it a warzone. Remember to never take any sides except for where it’s a moral obligation. 

Social issues such as gun control, drug legalization, abortion, etc., can have extreme opinions. Our advice is you limit your images regarding these sorts of topics. A sensible approach would be posting images where you can show your solidarity. Take Black Lives Matter, for instance. You can post about that to stay in the loop and alow show your audience that you care.

The important thing to remember is that a divisive set of options might cause you to lose followers if you take a side that doesn’t bode well for some. Some people might leave just because you posted about it, and they don’t want to see such things at all, irrespective of your stance. Others might stay or even involve their friends and, which will keep the audience talking. Simply put, it’s a high-risk, high-reward kind of situation.

To sum it up, it all comes down to how well you know your audience, the right strategies, and showcasing your products. As long as you keep your content creative, unique, and post with keeping EdgeRank in mind, you are sure to get great engagement. You can also buy real Facebook likes from us to give your posts a head start. 

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